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Goodbye 2016 - Welcome 2017

The Gangsters at The Amex

Happy New Year! The band would like to thank everyone who has supported our gigs over the last year, especially anyone who has bought a Gangsters T-Shirt. Gangster T-Shirts have been spotted at Madness, Bad Manners and Music Mania gigs in 2016! Look out for our new designs for 2017.

2016 has been quite a busy year for The Gangsters, with some really amazing gigs and it looks like next year will carry on the same way. In May this year we played alongside The Lambrettas at The Empress Suite in Worthing, a really amazing turn out of Gangsters fans. The final gig of 2016 was on New Years Eve and we're back at The Empress Suite. Everyone had a great time and we saw they new year with style. Special mention has to go our to Markie Gangster who battled through the gig despite having been suffering from a bout of flu!

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