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Perrywood Sports and Social Club - Part 2

If you've read our previous blog, you'll know that on Saturday we we're at the Perrywood Sports and Social Club at a SELL OUT gig which was put on by the Redhill and Reigate Ska Collective and before we go any further we'd like to congratulate the organisers on a really well run event! The evenings entertainment was a local outfit called the Big Time Charlies and The Gangsters. Setting up a 2 band gig can be a bit of a nightmare, as there are 2 Drum Kits, 2 PA's etc. So once we had done our sound check, all of our gear had to be moved away so 'The Charlies' could get their sound sorted. Then once they'd done their set their kit had to be moved off the stage and ours put back - luckily it went without a hitch.

Steve Gangster

The Big Time Charlies went on and got the crowd really going and by the time it was our time to got on stage the whole place was buzzing. For the whole of our 2 sets the dance floor was packed with people having a great time. We'd have loved to gone on for a bit longer, but Markie Gangster (Sax Player) is only a little fella and after a couple of sets his little lungs and lips have had it! Plus Steve Gangster (Bass) had a really busy day Sunday - when he's not playing bass with The Gangsters, he manages Burnley FC. It was our first gig at this venue and the band had a really great evening, there was a 'buzz' about the whole event and it's nice to see so many people who love ska under one roof. Make sure you come back to The Gangsters website again soon, we filmed the whole evening, so we will be posting a new video very soon. Once again a very big THANK YOU to the Big Time Charlies and the Redhill and Reigate Ska Collective and everyone who took the time to come and see us, we hope to see you all again very soon!

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