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Just when you think you've seen everything something exceptional comes along to make you stop and catch your breath - a couple of months ago this happened to The Gangsters.

We were contacted about performing on a cruise line around the Med. After about 5 seconds thought we said "we'll go if we really have to!" - 7 nights on a luxury cruise liner, it would have been rude to say NO!. Being a little cynical we really didn't think it would happen. As time went on the information was a little sketchy at first, but as things began to 'flesh out' things were starting to look more and more positive. We've now received notification of the other artists and bands who are performing on the cruise and our reaction can summed up in one word - WOW! So, on 6th May 2018, we sail from Southampton, cross the Bay of Biscay and visit; Bilbao, Vigo and Lisbon and then head back for Southampton! You can find out more about the cruise by clicking here.

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