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Big Summer Gig

On Saturday 4th August, we are returning to The Empress Suite, Worthing. The Empress Suite is a great venue, with a massive dance floor, bar and easy access to the Sea House, Terrace Bar - a great place to cool down and have another drink. Food is also available in the Sea House until 9pm. DJ Mickey Gangster has been coaxed out of semi-retirement (you only have offer him a microphone and a can of Red Bull and he's un-retired) and will be playing the very best of Ska, 2Tone and Northern Soul.

Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you get yours now, we expect to have a few tickets available on the door, but we can't guarantee how may - so don't wait too long! Click here for tickets


What's been happening...

Since returning from the cruise way back in May, things in Gangsterville have been a bit barmy, so here's a bit of an update...


O North, Cleethorpes

In July we travelled to Cleethorpes to play at the 0 North bar. This was part of one of the UK's biggest scooter rallies and there were some really impressive scooters on the roads. It was also the day that England beat Denmark in the World Cup, with everyone becoming more convinced it was 'coming home' it was a really busy gig, with a sea of red and white rather than a sea of black and white!

The Gangsters - Lingfest


So far this summer we've played at The Eastbourne Festival, Lingfest both of which were a real privilege to have been part of, there is so much organising and they were really well organised events, so congratulations to everyone involved. As always the crowds were amazing and we can only apologise to the kids who came with their parents and experienced a lot of 'Dad Dancing'!

Brighton Skanival

Brighton Skanival

Last weekend we opened the Brighton Skanival at The Volks Club. A whole weekend dedicated to Ska and Reggae. Friday was the Skanival 'Live Night' with us and Too Many Crooks. Opening on the Friday night was a real buzz and to see so many people dancing to the music they really love was great. Over the weekend the Skanival boasted some top DJ's from the scene, including the legendary Jerry Dammers.


Amongst the mayhem of the last few months our Local Heroes EP is going down really well and getting played on the radio. Mike Read of TOTP and Radio 1 fame, has been playing Mr. Lonely - he's even been to a gig for a bit of a dance! Andy Gangster has put pen to paper and come up with some new 'original' Gangsters songs, so watch this space!

PS. Don't forget your tickets for 4th August - it's only a week away!

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