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The Gangsters at The Amex

After a quiet Christmas for The Gangsters, we were asked to provide the pre-match entertainment for todays Seagulls match against QPR. When we left home this morning the sun was shining, but it was freezing, it wasn't much warmer when we arrived at the Amex and the first job was to defrost the band stand! Even though it was 9am it was amazing to see the amount of supporters who were arriving, visiting the Seagulls shop and getting their burgers.

The Gangsters

Even as we prepared to 'sound check' a crowd was beginning to build up quite quickly, fortunately there weren't too many people around to witness Markie Gangster's little accident! By 11am the sun had moved around a bit and was beginning to warm us up a little - but not much! By now quite a crowd had built up and as we launched into our set there was a sea of blue and white everywhere you looked, a truly amazing sight. As kick off approached and we came close to the end of our slot nobody was moving into the ground, the last thing we expected was to be doing an encore! All in all it was a brilliant gig, the band feel privileged to have been asked to play at The Amex it was a really unique experience. It's probably no coincidence that we play at The Amex and the Seagulls go top of the league, it really was a Christmas stuffing for QPR! So, maybe the next gig will be on the pitch! Watch this space.

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