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Hove Park Tavern - Another Update

Hove Park Tavern

With the first gig of the new year looming, here's another update on the gig at the Hove Park Tavern. 'The Management' has been working hard on our website and we're now pleased to announce that you can now buy tickets to gigs directly from our website, using your credit/debit card or PayPal. Visit our 'gig guide' page where you'll find a 'TICKETS' button. The rest is straight forward from there.

The other option for getting your tickets is to visit the Hove Park Tavern or to phone the venue on 01273 735622 and pay for your tickets by Credit or Debit Card. Tanya will either post your tickets to you or you can pick them up from the door on the night of the gig.

If you've never visited our website or haven't been there for a while 'The Management' has been doing some updates so you can find our latest gig guide, some new videos, photos from gigs, live recordings and much more. Make sure you visit us soon! Finally, we are now on Twitter, so make sure you follow us there too @TheGangstersSka

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